Engaged Ownership helps advisors work more effectively with their family business clients on governance design, succession planning, and multi-generational business strategy by building engagement and a Shared Purpose among owners and stakeholders.

Becoming engaged is critical for families to successfully navigate significant transitions over the long term—ownership and business succession, estate events, business expansion or sale, family transitions. Engagement is particularly important for multi-generational businesses, especially if there are managing and non-managing owners.

Why help your clients become engaged owners?

Engaged families make better decisions about their Business because they:

Understand their Core Capital Engaged owners have a deep knowledge of their capital, in all its forms—Human, Financial AND Enterprise Capital. They understand how each of these create their opportunity set, and how non-financial capital, especially, can be leveraged to create new opportunities.

Provide Shared Purpose and Vision Engaged owners clearly articulate a strategic direction to board and management to align stakeholders towards a common goal. Shared Purpose and Vision guide every decision made within a family enterprise.

Understand family business roles Engaged owners understand the unique roles of owners, board, management, and family within the family business system and act appropriately within their roles to mitigate the potential for conflict. Engaged owners don’t meddle, they lead.

strategy, Structures and Governance Built on Engagement

  • Are less likely to result in conflict because stakeholders have a common understanding

  • Are substantially more effective over the long term because all options have been considered

  • Avoid trapping families in circumstances their didn’t anticipate because everyone is aware of the tradeoffs

So many advisors who work with families try to use a “one size fits all” approach to governance. Amelia’s legal background plus experience running her family’s multi-generational business has allowed her to approach governance from many difference angles. The insight and examples she gave during the Engagement Toolkit Training were invaluable.
— Elizabeth Zabludoff | Founder, Zabludoff and Co.


A guide for Family business ownership

Engaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses illustrates a straightforward process for aligning family and business decision-making and creating effective governance by developing engagement among owners, stakeholders, and family.

Developing engagement helps family business owners overcome the challenges inherent in multi-generational family business ownership and governance.

Engaged Ownership teaches these concepts through the story of four 3rd-generation siblings who have inherited ownership of their family’s business after the unexpected death of their father.

Their story will be familiar to anyone who has worked with family businesses, and it demonstrates how managing and non-managing owners can come together to make decisions about the future of the business and Core Capital.


training For family Business Advisors

The Engagement Toolkit Training offers advisors an in-depth educational program and tested process to help them tackle ownership and governance challenges with their family business clients—ownership and business succession, family transitions, creating a board, business expansion or sale, estate events.

The Toolkit teaches advisors how engagement strengthens family business governance and strategy. Advisors learn how to create effective governance—a board, owners council, family assembly allocation of decision-making power, policies—based on a Shared Purpose, Vision, and the family’s Core Capital.

Advisors can then use the Engagement Toolkit process and materials to develop engagement and governance with their family business clients.

The Engagement Toolkit Training is offered to individual advisors and firms. Contact us for availability.