Engaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses | Part II

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Part II: Getting Organized

Part II of Engaged Ownership provides a foundation for family business owners seeking to increase engagement. You will learn about the complex relationships among owners, board of directors, management, and family, and how those wearing multiple “hats” can better navigate their responsibilities. You will also learn how family history, legacy, and natural governance affect the culture and environment within the family business system. Perhaps most importantly, Part II teaches the importance of a family’s Core Capital—human capital and enterprise capital, in addition to financial capital—and how it can be put to use both inside and outside the business. With an understanding of Core Capital, listeners will learn how to develop a Shared Purpose, Vision & Mission for their enterprise. Shared Purpose is the glue that binds stakeholders together, and Vision and Mission become the animating drivers for decision making and long-range planning.