Meet Amelia Renkert-Thomas

This book came about because of the half truth I kept hearing about family business succession presented as best practice...
— Amelia Renkert-Thomas

Former President of Ironrock Inc., her family's 5th-generation manufacturing business, granddaughter of the founder of Fisher-Price Toys, former lawyer to successful families, founding partner of award-winning consulting group, and author - Amelia fully appreciates the real challenges families face.

Amelia’s consulting work fills a void between family dynamics and management consultancy.  Her work reduces and manages the conflicts that can be created by structures of ownership, such as voting and non-voting shares, trusts, partnerships, and foundations, all of which are very familiar to Amelia as a trained lawyer. Her work on ownership has been referred to as "the missing piece of the puzzle for family businesses."

She works with families and enterprises of all shapes and sizes, from entrepreneurs coping with the consequences of liquidity events to large multi-generational families with highly sophisticated business and investment structures. She helps families to design tailored governance structures, create more effective board structures, form and govern family offices, set up shareholder councils and make trusts more functional.

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