Why Do Owners Need To Be Engaged?

The challenge is to engage owners in business decision-making in a way that sustains and builds the capital that has been created.
— Amelia Renkert-Thomas

Whether you are taking over a family business, family office or trust, Engaged Ownership shows you how to move beyond the old assumptions of shared ownership, to be a positive influencer in your family business.

Engaged Owners experience less conflict and bring important contributions to the business and the Core Capital.  They have spent time together articulating a Shared Purpose – the answer to the question: "Why do we want to be owners of this business together, if at all?" – and laying out a common Vision for the future. 

They have worked with board, management and family to allocate responsibility for making decisions around critical issues such as capital investment, acquisitions and divestitures, dividends, strategic planning, corporate branding, and relocation, and have laid out policies to provide additional guidance. 

For family owners who undertake the work of engagement, there is a new energy around business and capital discussions. With Engaged Owners at the helm, board and management alike find they have a strategic partner, and a far clearer vision for the future.