Training and A Tested process to help you navigate governance challenges

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The Engagement Toolkit Training

Governance + Engagement

Advisors learn how to build governance that is reflective of their clients’ Shared Purpose, Core Capital, and Vision.

You will learn why enacting governance, making major financial decisions, and creating legal structures without engagement leads to conflict.

You will learn how to help your clients develop the skills and processes that can align their Vision, strategy, and governance for both the family and the business.


The Engagement Toolkit

Integrated Process + Supporting Materials

Advisors use The Engagement Toolkit to educate, develop engagement, and build governance with their clients.

The success of your work as an advisor is contingent upon the ability of your clients to navigate their challenges with you.

The Engagement Toolkit provides a clear process and bespoke materials to help you guide your clients toward engagement, a Shared Purpose and Vision, and effective governance that is reflective of your expertise and their circumstances.

Scheduling an Engagement Toolkit training

The Toolkit training is conducted as a 1-day, in-person session or via video conferencing. To schedule a training session or inquire about availability, please reach out to Nathaniel Squires though

This was a truly informative and insightful class. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a family business or office, plans to create a family office, is thinking about succession issues within his or her family, or is advising families.
— Elizabeth Zabludoff | Founder, Zabludoff and Co.

what can you expect from the engagement toolkit training?

The Engagement Toolkit training is an interactive,1-day training session where you will learn the six pillars of engaged ownership and why they are meaningfully influential to the future of a multigenerational family enterprise.  

You will leave the session with a process for developing awareness, alignment, and, governance with clear and effective steps that can be used in any family business system.

The Engagement Toolkit helps enterprising families:

  • Understand the family’s unique capital advantages and how these can be leveraged to create opportunities.

  • Articulate a Shared Purpose, Vision, and Mission to get decision-makers on the same page.

  • Establish effective forums and meeting practices for improved group decision-making.

  • Allocate decision-making power among owners, board, and family.

  • Clearly define boundaries to maintain and build relationships.

  • Create effective policies that are truly reflective of the family enterprise’s needs and circumstances.