The Book That's Changing The Landscape of Family Business Ownership

Throughout 'Engaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses' the process and challenges of achieving Engaged Ownership are illustrated using the story of the Owen family, second and third generation owners of Owen Products, Ltd., a terracotta manufacturing company.  The four Owen children find themselves as third generation owners following the unexpected death of their father, Charlie. 

Written From The Owners’ Perspective, Engaged Ownership Gives You:

  • An introduction to the Concept of Engaged Ownership for Family Businesses.
  • A Foundation for Family Business Owners to increase engagement, including Defining Roles, Articulating Shared Vision and Purpose and examining Core Capital.
  • A layout of the Day-to-Day Practice of Engaged Ownership, including Actionable Steps owners must take.
  • A Framework for Influencing Decisions that lead to maximizing every form of Core Capital.
  • An Understanding of Three Major Challenges to Engaged Ownership - the Managing Owner, the Trust and the Non-family Investor.
  • Insight into different personality types and roles within the family enterprise.
The story of the Owen Family over several generations vividly illustrates how engaged owners can make not just a great difference in the success of a company, but add a form of value that cannot be duplicated with good management alone.
— Dennis T Jaffe, PhD, Wise Counsel Associates

Engaged Ownership offers:

·      A step-by-step process for you to increase engagement, including defining roles, articulating shared vision and purpose and examining core capital.

·   A layout of the day-to-day practice of engaged ownership, including actionable steps that owners must take to develop and maintain engagement.

·   A framework for allocating decision-making among owners, board, management and family that leads to maximizing every form of core capital.

·   An understanding of three major challenges to engaged ownership - the managing owner, the trust and the non-family investor.